Feiteng 5x10mm Evaporation Pellets Aluminium Granules

Place of Origin Baoji, Shaanxi, China
Brand Name Feiteng
Certification GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015 GJB9001C-2017
Model Number Aluminium Evaporation Pellets
Minimum Order Quantity To be negotiated
Price To be negotiated
Packaging Details Vacuum
Delivery Time To be negotiated
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability To be negotiated
Product Details
Certification GB/T19001-2016 Idt ISO9001:2015 GJB9001C-2017 Size φ5*10
Port Of Delivery Xi'an Port, Beijing Port, Shanghai Port, Guangzhou Port, Shenzhen Port Packaging Vacuum
Brand Name Feiteng Material Aluminium
Place Of Orgin Baoji, Shaanxi, China
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5x10mm Evaporation Pellets


Aluminium Evaporation Pellets


Feiteng aluminium granules

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Product Description

Aluminium 5*10 Evaporation Pellets Packaging Vacuum 

Port of delivery

Xi'an port, Beijing port, Shanghai port, Guangzhou port, Shenzhen port

Material Aluminium
Size φ5*10
Packaging Vacuum


Vacuum coating is an important aspect of vacuum application field, it is based on vacuum technology, using physical or chemical methods, and the absorption of electron beam, molecular beam, ion beam, ion beam, radio frequency and magnetic control and a series of new technologies, for scientific research and practical production to provide a new film preparation process. Simply put, the method of vaporizing or sputtering a metal, alloy or compound in a vacuum so that it solidifies and deposits on the coated object (called a substrate, a substrate on of high vacuum (more than 10 mba), with resistance, high frequency, or electron beam heating molten aluminium gasification, the adhered on the surface of the film base material to form a composite film of a process, on the plastic film or paper surface coated with a layer of thin aluminum becomes a aluminum plating film or aluminium coated paper.


or a matrix) is called vacuum coating.

Vacuum aluminum plating film is a kind of vacuum steaming metallized film, it is under the conditi

Vacuum aluminized film for packaging has the following characteristics:
(1) Compared with aluminum foil, it greatly reduces the amount of aluminum, saves energy and materials, and reduces the cost. The thickness of composite aluminum foil is mostly 7 ~ 9um, and the thickness of aluminum coating film is about 400? (0.04um), its aluminum consumption is about 1/200 of aluminum foil, and the production speed can be up to 700 m/min.
(2) Has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, few pinholes and cracks, no kneading bending cracking phenomenon, to gas, steam, smell, light and other barrier improvement.
(3) Excellent metallic luster, light reflectance up to 92%; And can be processed by paint to form a color film, its decoration effect is not aluminum foil.
(4) Partial aluminum plating can be performed by shielding or elution to obtain any pattern or transparent window where the contents of the package can be seen.
(5) The aluminized layer has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effect, especially when packing powder products, it will not pollute the sealing part and ensure the sealing performance of the package.
(6) Good adaptability to printing, composite and other post-processing.
Because of the above characteristics, the aluminized film has become a new type of composite film with excellent performance, economic and beautiful appearance, and has replaced the aluminum foil composite material in many aspects. Mainly used for flavor food, daily necessities, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and cigarette packaging.