Oxygen Free Vacuum Smelting Copper Target 155OD*125ID*888

Place of Origin Baoji, Shaanxi, China
Brand Name Feiteng
Certification GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015 GJB9001C-2017
Model Number Copper Tube Target
Minimum Order Quantity To be negotiated
Price To be negotiated
Packaging Details Vacuum package in wooden case
Delivery Time To be negotiated
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability To be negotiated
Product Details
Model Number Copper Tube Target Certification GB/T19001-2016 Idt ISO9001:2015 MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CNAS C034-M
Brand Name Feiteng Size φ155*φ125*888
Packaging Vaccum Package Place Of Origin Baoji, Shaanxi, China
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Vacuum Smelting Copper Target 155OD


Oxygen Free Copper Target 125mm


GJB9001C Tube Target

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Product Description

Copper Tube Target Pure 99.97 155OD*125ID*888 oxygen-free copper


Product Copper Tube Target
Size φ155*φ125*888
Grade Oxygen-free copper
Packaging Vacuum package in wooden case
Port of delivery Xi'an port, Beijing port, Shanghai port, Guangzhou port, Shenzhen port


Pure copper without oxygen and without any deoxidizer residue. But it actually contains very small amounts of oxygen and some impurities. According to the standard, the content of oxygen is not more than 0.003%, the total content of impurities is not more than 0.05%, and the purity of copper is more than 99.95%. Anaerobic copper products are mainly used in the electronics industry. Often made of oxygen-free copper plate, oxygen-free copper belt, oxygen-free copper wire and other copper materials. Strictly distinguish, anaerobic copper should be divided into ordinary anaerobic copper and high purity anaerobic copper. Ordinary copper without oxygen can be smelted in the power frequency induction furnace with iron core, while high purity copper without oxygen should be smelted in the vacuum induction furnace. Vacuum smelting should be the best choice for smelting high quality anaerobic copper.
Vacuum melting can greatly reduce not only oxygen content, but also hydrogen and some other impurity elements.
In vacuum medium frequency coreless induction furnace smelting, graphite crucible and high purity cathode copper after twice refining or remelting copper are used as raw materials. A flake graphite powder for deoxidation is also included in the furnace with the cathode copper. In fact, deoxidation is mainly through the carbon in the graphite crucible material. The carbon consumption can be calculated, for example, 1 kg of copper consumes 100 grams of carbon. Experience shows that the higher the oxygen content in copper liquid at the beginning, the faster the deoxidation reaction at the initial stage of smelting.
The oxygen content of the oxygen-free copper obtained by vacuum smelting can be less than 0.0005%, and the hydrogen content is less than 0.0001% ~ 0.0003%. In fact, only in a certain degree of vacuum smelting and casting of copper, it is possible to get completely free of oxygen and other gases castings, so the production of electronic tube copper vacuum furnace vacuum degree should be above 10-6

Oxygen Free Vacuum Smelting Copper Target 155OD*125ID*888 0

1, high conductivity
2. Good thermal conductivity
3, good weldability
4, excellent plasticity and ductility
5, excellent cold working performance