Titanium Coil Spring Gr2 ASTM B863-06 a Spiral Spring Titanium Car Parts Titanium Precision Parts

Place of Origin Baoji, Shaanxi, China
Brand Name Feiteng
Certification GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015 GJB9001C-2017
Model Number Titanium Coil Spring
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Packaging Details Wooden case
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Payment Terms T/T
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Product Details
Origin Baoji, Shaanxi, China Item Name Titanium Coil Spring
Certification GB/T19001-2016 Idt ISO9001:2015 GJB9001C-2017 Material Titanium
Application Industrial Equipment Surface Treatment Electric Heating
Service Drawings To Customize Port Of Delivery Xi'an Port, Beijing Port, Shanghai Port, Guangzhou Port, Shenzhen Port
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Product Description
Item name Titanium Coil Spring
Material Titanium

ASTM B863-06 a

Surface Electric heating
Transport Package wooden case

Baoji, Shaanxi, China

Titanium has a metallic luster and ductility. Titanium is characterized by its low density, high mechanical strength and ease of processing. The plasticity of titanium depends largely on its purity. The purer the titanium, the more plastic it is. Good corrosion resistance, not affected by the atmosphere and seawater. At room temperature, it will not be corroded by hydrochloric acid below 7%, sulfuric acid below 5%, nitric acid, aqua regia or dilute alkali solution; Only hydrofluoric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid can act on it. The presence of impurities in titanium greatly affects its mechanical properties, especially the interstitial impurities (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon) can greatly improve the strength of titanium and significantly reduce its plasticity. The good mechanical properties of titanium as a structural material are achieved by strictly controlling the appropriate impurity content and adding alloying elements.

A spring is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. Parts made of elastic materials deform under external forces and return to their original state when removed. Also called "spring". Usually made of spring steel. The kinds of springs are complex and diverse, according to the shape of points, mainly spiral spring, coil spring, plate spring, special-shaped spring, etc.. According to the force properties, spring can be divided into tensile spring, compression spring, torsion spring and bending spring, according to the shape can be divided into disc spring, annular spring, plate spring, spiral spring, truncated cone vortex spring and torsion bar spring, according to the production process can be divided into cold spring and hot spring. Ordinary cylindrical spring because of simple manufacturing, and can be made into various types according to the load, simple structure, so the most widely used. Spring manufacturing materials generally should have high elastic limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness and good heat treatment performance, etc. Carbon spring steel, alloy spring steel, stainless spring steel, copper alloy, nickel alloy and rubber are commonly used. Spring manufacturing methods are cold and hot coil method. Spring wire diameter is less than 8 mm with cold coil method, larger than 8 mm with hot coil method. Some springs in the made but also for strong pressure or shot peening treatment, can improve the bearing capacity of the spring.


Titanium Coil Spring Gr2 ASTM B863-06 a Spiral Spring  Titanium Car Parts Titanium Precision Parts 0


1. Low density and high specification strength
2. Excellent corrosion resistance
3. Good heat resistance
4. Excellent low temperature resistance
5. Non-magnetic and non-toxic
6. Good thermal performance
7. Low elastic modulus
8. Good toughness and light weight
9. High acid-base resistance
10. Resistance to high temperature, low temperature, etc