AMS4928 Tc4 Titanium Cube 127*127*2000-4000 Custom Titanium Parts

Place of Origin Baoji, Shaanxi, China
Brand Name Feiteng
Certification GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015; GJB9001C-2017
Model Number Titanium cube
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Product Details
Brand Name Feiteng Model Number Titanium Cube
Certification GB/T19001-2016 Idt ISO9001:2015; GJB9001C-2017 Size 127*127*2000-4000
Grade Tc4 Specification GB/T3620-2007
Place Of Origin Baoji, Shaanxi, China
High Light

AMS4928 Tc4 Titanium Cube


127*127*2000mm Titanium Cube


4000mm cube Custom Titanium Parts

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Product Description

Titanium Cube Titanium Tc4 AMS4928 127*127*2000-4000 Custom Titanium Parts

 Item name  Titanium cube
 Grade  Tc4
 Size 127*127*2000-4000
 Shape  Cube

 Super light, High strength, Low density, Resistant to high or low temperatures, Anti-corrosion and non-reactive to acids.


 Electroplating, Chemical engineering, Petrochemical technology, Medical, Gifts,  science, exhibits, collection, decoration, education, research

 Port of delivery

 Xi'an port, Beijing port, Shanghai port, Guangzhou port, Shenzhen port


Titanium has a metallic luster and ductility. Titanium is characterized by its low density, high mechanical strength and ease of processing. The plasticity of titanium depends largely on its purity. The purer the titanium, the more plastic it is. Good corrosion resistance, not affected by the atmosphere and seawater. At room temperature, it will not be corroded by hydrochloric acid below 7%, sulfuric acid below 5%, nitric acid, aqua regia or dilute alkali solution; Only hydrofluoric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid can act on it. The presence of impurities in titanium greatly affects its mechanical properties, especially the interstitial impurities (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon) can greatly improve the strength of titanium and significantly reduce its plasticity. The good mechanical properties of titanium as a structural material are achieved by strictly controlling the appropriate impurity content and adding alloying elements.


Titanium is a widely used metal. Because of its light weight and high strength, aluminum alloy can maintain higher strength than aluminum at high temperature. Therefore, it is highly valued by the aviation industry. Titanium is widely used in military industry. Nuclear power submarines, hydrofoil, anti tank missiles, missile launchers, bulletproof vests and so on in the aviation industry, such as civil aircraft, strategic rocket engines, spacecraft satellite antennas, and much titanium. There is nothing comparable to this in seawater, especially in seawater. At present, many countries have developed various advanced titanium alloy submarines, submarines and submarine laboratory equipment to carry out marine research. In addition, titanium equipment and devices are widely used in coastal power plants, offshore oil production equipment, seawater desalination, marine chemical production and marine culture. The light and high strength characteristics of titanium have always been the focus of attention of automobile manufacturers. With the progress of medical technology, metal implanted into human body is a very common surgical procedure. Because titanium alloy and human tissue rejection is relatively weak, it is widely used in artificial bone, artificial joint, artificial teeth and other human implants.

1. Each cube is made of high purity metal with attractive ground surface and laser etched label.
2. The precision machining of the hyperplane is 0.1 mm, which is very close to the theoretical density.
3. Each cube is perfectly processed, with sharp edges and corners and no burrs.